Ducted Mini Split System

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Mini Duct Systems are Perfect for Homes Without a Traditional Air Duct System.

It used to be extremely cost prohibitive to add on to your air duct work. However, that cost barrier has been significantly lowered with the invention of mini duct air conditioning. With this new system, available from Arctic Air Conditioning, it’s easy (and cost effective) to extend an existing HVAC network to reach new rooms or even install an entire system in a home that previously lacked ductwork. Call 817-834-2829 to get a quote on mini duct air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX.

The Perks of Mini-Duct Air Conditioning

Ease of Installation
As the name implies, mini duct HVAC systems utilize flexible tubing just a fraction of the size of normal air ducts. This allows for easy access into hard-to-reach rooms and simple installation into a new or existing HVAC network. Mini duct air conditioning also occupies less square footage in your home, leaving space for other applications. This space saving feature is why mini ducts are effective extensions for existing HVAC systems.

Rapid, Consistent Air Flow
Arctic Air Conditioning mini ducts utilize an air flow technique called aspiration. This process circulates air rapidly throughout a house, providing a continual stream of cooling (or heating). Because of the small size and special materials in mini duct tubing, this air is circulated very quietly. The air can also be controlled manually from room to room as desired, allowing for your choice of temperature in each room.

Energy Efficiency

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Mini Ducts Provide an Easy Solution for Adding Onto Your Existing Air Duct System

Mini duct air conditioning systems are less prone to pesky duct leakage than traditional HVAC systems, producing lower energy costs. Working in tandem with one of Arctic Air Conditioning’s programmable thermostats, the mini duct HVAC system is an excellent tool for reducing your energy bill. If you’re looking to extend your HVAC system into new rooms or considering having an HVAC system installed for the first time, call us 817-834-2829. Our expert technicians will answer all of your questions about mini duct air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX. Save the square footage and skip the cost of replacing your old HVAC system by having a mini duct system installed!