Ventilation Control

A Cleaner Holds her Nose

Ventilation Controls Replace that Smelly, Musty Air with Fresh Clean Air from Outside.

Does your air smell stale? That unwelcome musty fragrance could be a sign your home (or business) is in need of an improved ventilation system. Your ventilation system, a key regulator of indoor air quality, constantly works hard to refresh and renew your home’s air supply. For more information on ventilation control in Fort Worth, TX, call one of our technicians at 817-834-2829.

What Does Ventilation Control Do?

It helps remove unwanted odors.

Those unpleasant smells inside your household and business HVAC system are the result of static, stale air. Air that isn’t properly circulated will accumulate dust, dirt, allergens (such as pet dander and pollen), bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Ventilation controls maintain your home’s air quality by regularly ejecting this air outside your home and replacing it with delightful, crisp air from outside. Proper ventilation, however, does more than remove distasteful odors…

It monitors and adjusts ambient temperature.

A Room Corner with Mold Growth

Ventilation Helps Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth.

After all, what good would a ventilation control system be if it expelled all your home’s cold air during the summer time? Linked to your home or business’ thermostat, your ventilation control system carefully measures outdoor and indoor temperature. That way whenever your system introduces clean, fresh air from outside, you don’t have to sacrifice that perfect temperature you’ve so carefully set.  

It extracts excess moisture.

“No mold for me, thanks! I’m good.” One of the most important functions of ventilation control is to expel excess moisture from your business or home’s air supply.  Mold requires higher levels of humidity to grow. By routinely exchanging inside air with a fresh supply from outside, your ventilation system blocks potential mold and mildew growth (and the nasty smell that follows).  It also prevents the potential respiratory, allergy and asthma systems that exposure to mold can cause.

Are you concerned about your home’s indoor air quality? Does your home or business always seem to have that old musty smell?  Call one of our indoor air quality technicians at 817-834-2829 for a consultation today.  Our technicians at Arctic Air Conditioning are trained to provide all your solutions for ventilation control in Fort Worth, TX.