Commercial Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Whether you’re the new startup on the block or a veteran brand looking to expand your infrastructure, you can plan your HVAC system requirements through Arctic Air Conditioning. Our experienced technicians are specialists in crafting your air conditioning to minimize your infrastructure requirements and exceed your indoor air quality requirements. Call 817-834-2829 and speak with one of our specialists about commercial air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Our AC Models for Small Business

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Small Business Owners Can Minimize Their Energy Expenditures with an Efficient AC Model.

We support the following AC models for small businesses looking to minimize their energy consumption from month to month. Be sure to check out our programmable thermostats and ventilation control devices for increased energy efficiency. Call one of our technicians to see how you can craft an energy savings plan that profits your business.

Forced Air (Traditional) Systems

At Arctic Air Conditioning, of course, we support the traditional air conditioning systems! We can support your forced air system with a variety of upgrades and devices to reduce energy waste and maximize cooling power.

Mini Duct Systems

For businesses looking to extend their existing air conditioning to reach new rooms, or for business owners looking to save square footage by upgrading their existing ductwork, mini-duct systems provide a simple solution!

Duct-Free Systems

Who needs air ducts? Save the square footage and skip the expensive infrastructure costs. With duct free systems, you can minimize the amount of hardware that has to be placed inside
your business and maximize your control capabilities with multi-zone control.

Rooftop Terminal Units

Another minimal-infrastructure model, terminal units can work with pre-existing ductwork or without function without it as a duct-free system. Very little hardware is required to support these units, which are perfect for small office businesses.

Our AC Models for “Big” Businesses

A Modern Office Building Interior

Start Crafting Your Energy Efficiency Plan with Our Technicians.

We offer minimized infrastructure and air quality solutions for veteran business looking to meet their cost-efficiency goals. In addition to our models listed above, we provide the following models.

Minimal Infrastructure Options

Rooftop Air Makeup Units: condition 100% of incoming air for the freshest work environments. Minimal hardware requirements help you save office space for other important work.

Energy Star Appliances: find industrial grade, energy-saving hardware certified by Energy Star. Talk to one of our technicians about meeting your Energy Star and LEED requirements.

Empowering Tools for Indoor Air Quality

Commercial Grade Exhaust Fans: for stronger air circulation. This hardware is specialized for expelling harmful standing particles and exchanging stale air for fresh.
HEPA Filters and UV Lights for HVAC: for destroying and blocking the spread of harmful pathogens, allergens, and mold spores. How does fewer employee sick days sound?

If your company is looking to install a business-scale HVAC system for the first time, or if you’re aiming to upgrade your existing system, give our planners a call. Our experienced technicians are ready to discuss your needs for commercial air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Call us at 817-834-2829; we’re open Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.