Energy Star Appliances in Fort Worth, TX

Created by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 to aid the private sector, Energy Star has been helping companies find energy efficient solutions for over 25 years. The organization provides cost-saving guidelines for businesses across the nation, from bakeries to steel manufacturers. As one of the most trusted symbols of energy savings in America, we’re proud to offer products with the Energy Star seal of approval.

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Energy Star Appliances Can Help Your Family Cut Down on Monthly Costs

By choosing your HVAC solutions from our offering of Energy Star Certified products, your household or business is continuing an honored tradition of respecting the environment and cutting energy costs. For more information on our registered list of Energy Star appliances in Fort Worth, TX, talk to one of our energy specialists at 817-834-2829.

Energy Star Appliances Benefits

Your HVAC system accounts for almost half of your home’s daily energy usage. For homeowners with high energy costs, choosing Energy Star devices to support your HVAC system could provide tremendous savings on your monthly bill. According to, “By choosing Energy Star, a typical household can save about $575 on their energy bills and still enjoy the quality and performance they expect.”

New housing with the Energy Star certification can save homeowners as much as 30% on their monthly energy bills. For those currently planning to construct a new home, talk to one of our HVAC system specialists for more information on how you can reach Energy Star certification.

Commercial Benefits

Energy Star Certification is one most prized standards of energy-efficiency in commercial buildings. Certification is a symbol of pride for businesses across the nation. The organization has reported that “on average, Energy Star certified buildings use 35% less energy than typical buildings nationwide.”

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Save on Energy Costs by Exploiting our Energy Star Certified Appliances for Business.

This reduction in energy consumption presents an opportunity for massive cost savings for your business. Your company could also be rewarded with additional tax incentives for green commercial building designs. Be sure to investigate whether your business could qualify, and see our other venues for reducing your energy usage and improving your indoor air quality.

At Arctic Air Conditioning, we can help you craft an energy savings plan for your home or business so you can reach your cost-savings and air quality goals. For more information on our selection of Energy Star appliances in Fort Worth, TX, speak to one of our experienced technicians at 817-834-2829.