Heating Service in Fort Worth, TX

Is your heating system having a difficult time reaching the whole house? Is your heater running up an exorbitant energy tab each winter? Give us a call at Arctic Air Conditioning and schedule an inspection for your HVAC system. Talk to one of our trained technicians at 817-834-2829 for expert heating service in Fort Worth, TX.

Maintenance Services

A Family Getting Warm by the Radiator

If Your Heater Cannot Reach all the Parts of your House, Call Us for an Inspection.

Regularly scheduled maintenance can significantly extend the life of your HVAC system. Wiring corrodes over time, leading to faulty thermostat activation. Fluids may leak from your furnace and cause water damage. Your HVAC system’s duct work can develop cracks that discharge air and waste energy. All of these potential problems can be easily avoided with regular maintenance.

With a well-timed inspection, some homeowners have seen their HVAC system lifetime extended for years. Why risk unnecessary repairs or replacement just to avoid simple maintenance?

Heater Replacements

Arctic Air Conditioning has a wide selection of devices to help you improve indoor air quality and heat circulation. Our heat pumps enable you take advantage of Fort Worth, TX‘s naturally hot climate to warm your home. They also remove excess heat from the house when the need arises. Our garage heaters are also perfect for supporting your mechanical hobbies or keeping your pets warm during the cold winter months.

Energy Efficient Heating

If you are looking to install a new HVAC system or replace an existing one, talk to one of our specialists. They’ll help you form a plan that suits your home. We have several HVAC modelsĀ  minimize your infrastructure requirements and maximize your energy savings.

Mechanic Replaces Heater Part

A Little Maintenance Can Greatly Extend the Life of Your Heating System.

Energy Star appliances can significantly reduce your home’s energy requirements and help you save on your monthly bill. According to the EPA-backed organization, “By choosing Energy Star, a typical household can save about $575 on their energy bills and still enjoy the quality and performance they expect.” With our collection of certified Energy Star appliances, you can improve the economy of your existing HVAC system, or create an entirely hyper efficient system.

Radiant heating systems utilize the natural circulation of hot and cold to cycle air throughout your household. Because the system is installed into your home’s floor, radiant heating does not require the expensive and wasteful duct work that traditional heating relies on. This system can be designed with pre-programmed on and off times to reduce usage while you’re out of the house.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or HVAC system you need emergency repairs, you can talk to one of our experienced technicians at 817-834-2829. Our specialists provide knowledgeable and courteous heating service in Fort Worth, TX.