Garage Heaters

A Mechanic Under a Car

Car Oils Can Seep into Your Garage Floor, Freeze and Crack it.

The garage is a magical place! There you can be a grease monkey or start a garage band. When winter hits however, the garage can be a frozen, unwelcoming place. If you’re looking to get more out of your garage, check out our garage heaters in Fort Worth, TX! Give one of our passionate technicians a call at 817-834-2829 for a free quote today.

The Perks of a Garage Heater

It prevents liquids from cracking your concrete. Unexpected freezing temperatures can actually damage your garage floor. Fluids, such as paint, car oil, or precipitation brought in from outside seep through floor cracks and expand when frozen, eroding your concrete. A garage heater prevents liquids from freezing and further cracking the floor. You can cut down on pesky maintenance for your garage floor.

It’s perfect for pets and plants. Many people like to have their pets sleep in the garage. This reduces the amount of dirt and pollen pets bring into the house, and it slows the buildup of pet dander in your HVAC system. During winter, however, the cold air can be harmful for certain pets and potted plants. To protect your animals and carefully tended plants, try storing them in the garage with a heater.

A Mechanic Works on His Motorcycle

The Garage is the Only Practical Place for a Home Mechanic. Stay Warm with a Heater.

It supports your hobbies. While it usually provides a daily escape for some hobbyists, the garage can be an uncomfortable mess in the winter time. With proper heating, however, you can continue your hobbies uninterrupted and in comfort. Plus, compact garage heaters require very little space. Why expand your heating system and ductwork to your garage when you can simply set up a garage heater and save the square footage?

For tinkerers, starting musicians, and pets, the garage is the perfect getaway. If you’re thinking about having a garage heater installed in your home, or if you need repairs, call Arctic Air Conditioning at 817-834-2829. Our trained technicians are excited to help you find the perfect garage heater in Fort Worth, TX!