Radiant Floor Heating

Do you enjoy saving money and square footage? Is your floor covering made of ceramic tile, stone or wood? Then radiant flooring in Fort Worth, TX could be perfect for your home! Utilizing a special system of tubing built beneath your existing floor, radiant heating controls room temperature from the ground up. This comfortable, energy-efficient system is great for homeowners looking to replace or avoid the hassle of traditional forced air heaters.

Energy Savings

A Tube Network for Radiant Heating

Program Your Radiant Heater to Turn Off While You’re Away from Home. Save Big!

Radiant floor heating systems exploit the natural rise of heat to circulate air around your house. This means they avoid costly and wasteful ductwork, just like duct free air systemsAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, traditional HVAC systems waste an enormous amount of energy each day due to air escaping from cracks in a home’s ductwork. With a radiant floor heating system, air ducts are completely bypassed, eliminating potential energy waste. Radiant flooring uses electricity instead of natural gas to power your heating system so you can save on your energy bill. Who doesn’t like lower energy bills? Hydronic systems, one of the most popular radiant floor models for hot climates, utilizes heated water from your boiler system to circulate heat. As a result, your HVAC system will require far less electricity to circulate air through your home. For more tools to save on your home’s energy costs, check out our Energy Star Appliances!

Additional Customization for Your Home

Our radiant heating systems grant you additional control tools, allowing you to customize temperature on a room by room basis. This is useful for family members with varying tastes in temperature. Homeowners can also create a pre-programmed usage plan, reducing consumption during away times, evenings, and in infrequently used rooms. Take advantage of this additional customization by lowering your energy usage during work and school hours!

For more information or to get a quote from one of our courteous technicians, call Arctic Air Conditioning at 817-834-2829. They’ll be excited to answer all your questions on radiant floor heating in Fort Worth, TX. Be sure to visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s website for more reading on radiant heating.