Humidifier Installation

A Humidifier Sprays Moisture

Improving your Home’s Humidity can Improve Your Comfort and Your Health.

Have you ever mistaken your home for a dry desert? Do you suffer from a scratchy throat or dry nose on a regular basis? Humidity is just one of the many facets of indoor air quality, but it’s one of the most important for comfort and health. If your home suffers from parched air, consider a humidifier installation in Fort Worth, TX. How can a humidifier benefit me and my home?

For Your Home

  • It can lower your heating bill. Dry air conveys heat much slower than moist, humid air. That’s why many people have to crank up the heater during dry winter months. By improving the relative humidity of your home with a humidifier, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to heat up your house during cold days.
  • It reduces static buildup in your home. Are you shocking every family member you touch? Humidity helps to prevent instances of static shock.
  • It supports your indoor plants. People aren’t the only living things to benefit from proper moisture. A balanced humidity will help your houseplants alive and well. As a bonus, your plants will help you by removing small toxins in your home’s air.

For Your Health

Husband Taking Care of His Sick Wife

For Those Sick at Home, Improving Humidity Helps You Recover Faster.

  • It refreshes your skin. Skip the broken, flaky skin that accompanies excessively dry air.
  • Proper humidity helps you avoid getting sick. The human body naturally produces mucus for your sinuses and throat. That may sound gross, but it’s an important process for healthy children and adults as the combat bacteria and other pathogens. With a dry home, sinuses dry out and leave you more prone to infection. For more help combating air pathogens, try a HEPA air purifier.
  • If you are sick, proper humidity helps you recover faster. Why do people drink hot tea when they feel sick? Moisture helps the human body fight off viruses and infection.

If you need more information about humidifier installation in Fort Worth, TX, call one of our indoor air quality specialists at 817-834-2829. Our technicians are excited to help you find the humidity solution that’s perfect for your home!