UV Light For HVAC

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While You Clean Your Home, Ultraviolet Light Cleans Your Home’s Air Supply.

Ultraviolet light is not just perfect for killing bacteria and viruses in a lab; it’s also great for purifying your home’s air supply. That’s why we’ve adopted an ultraviolet light system safe for you and your family. Tucked inside your HVAC system, ultraviolet light constantly works to sterilize and clean your air. If you’re looking for a new form of disinfection and air purification, call one of our specialists at 817-834-2829 and ask about our UV Light for HVAC in Fort Worth, TX.

Ultraviolet light sterilizes bacteria, viruses, mold, algae and some other particles. Essentially, this process prevents pathogens and other particles from functioning and reproducing. The risk of respiratory problems and infections are greatly reduced as a result. If your family is susceptible to cold and seasonal flu, you could greatly benefit from UV germicidal light. Because the bacteria that ultraviolet light kills can be responsible for musty smells inside your house, many homeowners see (and smell) a marked improvement in a home’s air quality after installing a UV light.

Where is UV Light Most Effective?

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You Work Hard to Keep Your Home Clean. Who’s Cleaning Your Air Supply?

UV light works in tandem with your HVAC system, specifically your air filter. Our ultraviolet light devices destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that exist in your home’s air supply. Once these particles have been neutralized, your filter catches them and stops them from cycling through the AC unit again. This reduces your family’s exposure to potential respiratory problems, asthmatic irritation, and allergic reactions. Ultraviolet light is also a great tool for keeping your air handler coil clean, often increasing your HVAC’s energy efficiency. It’s most successful in humid environments, so consider partnering your UV device with a home humidifier. Since the UV light system doesn’t require much electricity to power, you don’t have to worry about a spike your daily energy consumption.

Are you concerned about your home’s air quality? Call us at 817-834-2829; our indoor air specialists will be happy to provide any information on UV light for HVAC in Fort Worth, TX.